Health and Social Innovation Community

The Power of Collective Intelligence

About Us

We are a community of problem-solvers, specializing in the health and social spaces. We are excited about challenges others find too big to tackle. We take on multi-stakeholder issues and work together to find ways that we can create solutions that actually work. We make BIG changes to our world - do you want to help?

Want to Join Us?

We believe in learning by doing, working hard together to understand the full picture before jumping to a solution. Our community members enjoy:

  • Collaborative innovation challenges, brought by industry leaders
  • Opportunities for funding and exposure to potential clients
  • Coaching and mentorship with experts from Fortune 500 companies
  • Access to courses that elevate and challenge their assumptions
  • Regular events and meetups for our network members to find new partners
  • Awareness of other events, challenges, and funding opportunities outside of our community - we keep you up to date!

Join us on our mission to create better solutions to complicated problems.